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Kentucky Information

HWA found in Knox County in March 2011.

HWA declared a public nuisance.

Counties where the hemlock woolly adelgid has been found.

Biological control efforts directed at the adelgid are underway. Approximately 9,000 adults of the lady beetle Sasajiscymnus tsugae were released on state nature preserves in Bell and Harlan counties in the spring of 2008. In February 2008 approximately 700 predator beetles (Laricobius nigrinus) were released in Bell and Letcher counties.

Chemical control efforts are being used at selected sites to reduce adelgid infestations and to slow potential spread to uninfested trees. Over 3,000 infested trees were treated by soil injection at Bad Branch and Blanton Forest, as well as about 500 trees at Lily Cornett Woods.

The hemlock wooly adelgid has been found infesting hemlocks in southeastern Kentucky. Initial details are contained in this news release from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

Management of the adelgid is outlined in this Entfact.

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