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Field Crop and Livestock Insecticide Recommendations

The pesticide recommendations in these publications are provided only as a guide. Since pesticide labels or registrations may change at any time, it is always the applicator's responsibility, by law, to read and follow all current label directions for the specific pesticide being used. No endorsement is intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not mentioned. The authors and the University of Kentucky assume no liability resulting from the use of these recommendations
Field Crops
Alfalfa Ent 17
Field Corn Ent 16
Popcorn Corn Ent 62
Small Grains Ent 47
Grain Sorghum Milo Ent 24
Grain Sorghum Milo Ent 24
Soybean Ent 13
Tobacco Ent 15
Livestock and Poultry
Beef Cattle Ent 11
Dairy Cattle Ent 12
Sheep and Goats ENT 22
Swine ENT 23
Poultry ENT 28
Horses Entfact 513

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