University of Kentucky College of Agriculture



Extension Entomology Personnel
Ric Bessin, Lexington
Fruit, vegetables,Pesticide Safety Education coordinator, IR-4 Coordinator
Blake Newton, Lexington
4-H & youth entomology
Mike Potter, Lexington
Urban and industrial pest control, medical entomology
Jessica VanErden, Lexington
Staff assistant
Raul Villanueva, Princeton
Grain crops, stored grain


Invasive arthropods in Kentucky
Asian chestnut gall wasp
Emerald ash borer
Brown marmorated stink bug
Gypsy moth
Hemlock woolly adelgid
Kudzu bug
Spotted winged Drosophila
Walnut twig beetle - 1,000 cankers disease Drosophila


Insecticide Recommendations
Field and horticulture crops Livestock & Poultry
Alfalfa, clover, pastures ENT-17
Beef cattle ENT-11
Field corn ENT-16
Dairy cattle ENT-12
Grain sorghum ENT-24
Horses ENT-513
Popcorn ENT-62
Poultry ENT-28
Small Grain ENT-47
Sheep & Goats ENT-22
Soybeans ENT-13
Swine ENT-23
Tobacco ENT-15


Commercial Vegetable Production Guide
Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide



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