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Pesticide Safety Education Program

Private Applicator Certification Training Videos

Here are short topics in wmv format for use in private applicator certification training. Some of them are based on information from previous

Kentucky Pest News articles . The three main sections are general topics, crops, hay, and pastures, and fruits and vegetables. (approximate minutes):

General topics
(title and approximate time in minutes)
Pesticide sprayers and application
Grain crops, hay, and pastures
Greenhouse pesticide certification
Worker Protection Standard in greenhouses (14:28) Update - annual training now required
Vegetable disease management (10:16) General disease information
Greenhouse pest exclusion - scouting and monitoring (8:26) General disease information
Disease Management in Ornamentals
Sanitation pt 1 (6/18) (4:26)
Sanitation pt 2 (6/18) (5:04)
Sanitation pt 3 (6/18) (10:41)
Pesticide training in Spanish

Applicators should be reminded of recordkeeping requirements, safe pesticide storage, and Worker Protection Standards.  * Private applicators in Kentucky must keep records of general and restricted use pesticides. Please let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

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