Kentucky Pesticide Safety Education Program

Training Manuals and Related Publications

Applying Pesticides Correctly The CORE Manual - basic information on many pesticide topics.

Forest Pest Control Manual- Category 2   Using pesticides in forests, forest nurseries, and forest seed-producing areas.

Ornamental and Turf Pest Control Manual- Category 3   Using pesticides or fertilizer for insect, weed, and/or disease control in residential and commercial plantscapes and lawns. Includes the control of pests that do not normally invade structures, such as bagworms, grubs, and moles.

Seed Treatment Manual- Category 4   Applying pesticide seed treatments.

Right-of-Way Manual- Category 6   Using pesticides in the maintenance of public roads, electric powerlines, pipelines, railway rights-of-way or other similar areas

Anti-Microbial Pest Control Manual- Category 15   Applying pesticides to control bacteria, mold, or fungi, to or through any media.

Golf Course Pest Control Manual- Category 18   Applying pesticides or fertilizer to land on which turf and ornamental care is done for the purpose of preparing the land for use in the game of golf.

Interior Plantscape Pest Control Manual- Category 19   Using pesticides to control insects, weeds, and/or disease in or on interior plantscapes, not regarding who owns the plants.

Sports Turf Pest Control Manual- Category 20   Applying pesticides or fertilizer to athletic fields.

Sprayer Nozzles: Selection and Calibration


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